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the laboratory You send a smear from the throat to the laboratory and

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years ago. The reports of the cases are thorough and

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produces its effect and sets up dry rot in the lig

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degeneration which may give rise to a chronic aneurism of the hearty

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ferred to the recent tendency to attribute all digestive

zantac over the counter side effects

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of iron containing pijjment. In this case the large

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Pathology. Given acute or chronic mastoiditis of suffi

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Hospital have been attendant on a similar state of the kidneys

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mucous discharge at the oestral period. In cows a tough glassy mucus is

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all that will facilitate the examination of patients and the

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is still so frequently entertained in attempts at ex

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I was requested to see a respectable married female fifty

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Treatment. The rational treatment is essentially surgical. Medically

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Lermoyez points out that although changes in the soft palate have

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six inches square. The intestinal bloodvessels have the ap

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fore and after the escape of pus. On the other hand in

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etc. which was not clear. Medical nursing and administrative staff

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some alcohol be allowed. Occasionally when tea dis

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alimentary hygiene of valetudinarians must govern us in regard to

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cells and their nuclei. At first minute granules darker

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Treatment. Give soft or slop feed composed of bran cu

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applied locally with a pledget of cotton. John N. Mackenzie

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