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throat but rather an anemic glistening edematous con

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out of the meatus auditorius externus. At first sight the occurrence of

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literally showered upon combatants who manifested bravery.

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there was neither chirurgeon nor chirurgery at the fort and he

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enlarged the urine was clear of low gravity and contained

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hypodermically gave chloroform and delivered her in

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tiveness disappears the astringent injections may be substituted. An

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is comparable with that of the cattle plague commissioners who tied the

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making some remarks on the working of the Midland Branch vacated

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the rush of blood through the comparatively narrow outlets of thn

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equivalent to those required for a Degree in Arts. Now

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Robert Bannatyne Finlay Scotland. Notes on the Surgery

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is admiral ly char concise and practical representing

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the fact that when the temperature increases the density of

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hypodermic of ergotin or ergot can be given by an assis

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which the inoculation was made must have had glanders. A dis

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alkaloid or neutral characteristic principle except perhaps

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dition which he was ordered to continue. On the th he sent for

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that the abdominal cavity was not washed out with any

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genic bacteria which set up peritonitis thereby crippling the nerves and per

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slender column in the floor of the rhomboidal fossa

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tribucion semejante a la mencionada en los Holosteos pero en la

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Sagx is a force food prepared from the pith of the sago

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inflammatory process is confined to the first fold and its

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persistent and gives rise to a suspicion of tubercular

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effect that the permanent secretary shall furnish in

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and concise in statement. A simple glance at the full and

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perhaj s for years. With the onset of ascites the prognosis becomes distinctly

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which the formation of neologisms coincides with this class of

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masses from the vulva almost to the cervix. These growths

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gradually softens until the abscess breaks. With the discharge of

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venient time to fhake the glafs we by this means produced a very

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swollen. Fifteen years ago he was wakened one night by a throb

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its publication and each year it has improved. It contains a

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