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briefly glance at these as factors and consider how they

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thema multiforme had been seen in two cases where the hands

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circumstances I am inclined to the belief that during the

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facilities are afforded and every modem appliance that money can buy

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occurred with the cxcejitlon of that from the vein. Adhesive

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community of ideal health but also higher than in most other States. Some

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and two brothers. In the death of Dr. Willard the medical pro

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tables. And there excepting for the license of the Royal College of

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since in these with attending renal fibrosis the frequent presence

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accident again replaced. This repeated manipulation spoiled the result.

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There is no difficulty in recognizing the nature and extent of

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Individuals with severe paralytic restrictive pulmonary

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tinued and in Chart X it is shown that administration of

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following points of interest First in a medico legal point of view.

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tle hiccup J and complained of great pain in the abdomen and

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lamellar. Even albuminuria has been known to add to

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skin pierced by fragments of bone at its proximal third.

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I had directed. On another occasion I suggested in con

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effect of a long voyage at sea. Medical Times and Gazette.

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hours. It may appear upon the body before it is manifested upon the

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however no affection of speech and the power of loco

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to lity their stujudity and warn them in future. This

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in the stage of softening. and in the stage of excava

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are advantages in keeping this branch of study in the

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Public dipping tanks have proved themselves in this

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are particularly irritating no matter what the subject is or

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and quantity either of the food or the gastric juice amp c. consists

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isbing the cases of phthisis or typhoid in adding to

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In Calendar Year the battery of tests was augmented by

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identify the characteristics of all the historical examples that have been

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