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knowledge himself by observing the military trainings of

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was the nature of this sickness has been seen from the cases treated

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Arm splints and bandages for treatment of illustrations figs.

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we may give precedence to the acute infections. Scarlet fever

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with diminished secretion from the mucous glands giving place in the

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plasm of the latter soon degenerates and perishes after sporulation

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new measures are indicated but simply those in vogue for

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specific gravity urinary volume and the prevalence of hy

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protesting against the use of cathartics prior to oper

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lungs. The removal of adenoids prevents adenoid athrep

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cavities of the involncra Fig. a the latter rupturing

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ing of the purulent region with excision scraping and cauterization of the

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partly produced and kept up by the intervertebral disks. The fourth

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evacuation of feces after which the patient lies per

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neighbouring minute divisions of the bronchial tubes. Like the

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and to make the meals as little complex as possible. Stimulants should

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Chancery with an important case submitted to your care do you

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insertion with some anticoagulant fluid. The cavity of the tambour was made as

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canals and infiltrate their walls or distend their lumen when

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But even with evident obstruction in the lungs and with

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especially to M. Magendie and M. Flourens are satisfactory as

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added to it does not become fixed but remains active. This

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Goldsincker in a summary of articles finds a mortality of

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Proceed as in the preceding preparation until ounces are obtained

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never existed. This latter organ appears to be superadded to it and that

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vitro may be more or less enhanced by repeated addition

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prefent fabric of the univerfe efpecially that of the terreftrial globe

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plasters were applied to the spine and to the extremities.

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vomiting and diarrhoea. At first the stools are feculent and pap like

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