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Colorado State College. Division of Veterinary Medicine.

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the ulcers caused by their breaking down occur most frequently on

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and therefore their greater curability than other deposits.

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Arts and Sciences as compiled by the Council on Medical Education ar

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gestion of the lungs may be present. The symptoms above detailed

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pain should be treated as ulceration unless functional derange

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says that he is much better but complains of weakness. Tongue

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result of the mixed infection of the tubercular abscess

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ruary. When eight years old she had measles which kept her down for

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tially a cellular proliferation in the parenchyma of the affected organ

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three hours after coming in. Ten of the deaths were in

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one think that it was really atavistic in component.

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above ingredients the fiber element will be. and the calories for the

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one and two minutes for twenty six and a quarter sec

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the bulb of the ventral portion of the epipharynx and

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colon or constrict it with the hand. On withdrawing the inflation

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