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the cervix is angulated so closely as to obstruct thj

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Whoever answers one of these questions in the manner

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a desire for fresh air, by headache, or by depriva-

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F>dheim. Sitzungsberichte der kaiserlichen Akademie

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Studies of Florence. Authorized Translation from the

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ence conjointly of the three patliological conditions,

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circulation, of respiration, and of digestion, of the

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1. Pernicious Ana-mia : Its Definition and Treatment,

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Pearse, of Brigham City, first vice-president : Dr. W. R.

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"Conceive the distinct number of three, not divided

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little evidence of a catarrhal gastritis. The child

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result in a bleedinc: which will sometimes last for

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On March 29th I discussed my results with the gastrol-

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plicate the action of the drug, such as alcoholism or

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in view of our desperate helplessness in such cases,

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permanent, affords a convenient way of referring to patients without

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to protect OQainst it. In this most important initial

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L. Allison, of Fort Worth ; secretarv-treasurer, Dr.

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living vegetable. Worthy of special note is the fact

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clinical individuality ; indefinite pain in the region

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when a dog barked in the court ; "no doubt because the

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are mostly men, how would it be possible to control

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very thorough examination of the physical condition

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source is so removed from all human habitation, and so

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charity work. The resolution provided that the next ses-

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Schreiber, E. Ueber die intravenose Einspritzung des

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15. Papillary Ovarian Cysts: .Should Both Ovaries be Re-

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spond when requirements arise. The following officers were

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