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tinct heart shock nor pericardial friction. The rela
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the vitreous humour still more rarely they appear in the anterior
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view of the research literature relevant to the study of
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tation. Preference for publication is based on subject ma
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A few special remarks are called for on the treatment of hae
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stood to belong to the function of the physician to whom alone
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Journal by State Veterinarian Scott of Wisconsin under the
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nution of sensation in the affected parts. The treat
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neglect of their work. We smile eoinplawntly now at the
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upon section exhibit a dark red color and contain no air in the
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repeated once or oftener according to the discretion of the physician.
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shield cartilage and the nasal bones. Fig. represents the nose
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point for extensive growth of connective tissue. Flexner after the
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rashness. I directed my interne to watch the patient and to puncture the
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I have outlined rather briefly but as fully as need be
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duct into the unciform fossa. Since this paper does not lend itself
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supervention of insensibility will distinguish it. The above with the
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stricture itself is penetrated and an entrance to the bladder effected. The
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become invaded by the new growths. They appear on the hands and
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greatly to on the job inefficiency work spoilage and
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cations can be diagnosed readily in a tWn person by holding
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work for many years but eventually the cough always masters us
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times a curious forgetful ness and misplacement of language so
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three subjects for prizes for the j resent year viz
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as this country has gradually emerged from its native state of
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Seeds contain two different types of alkaloids i.e.
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The Beauperthuy treatment which has been much lauded consisted
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pejbpaeben Ba pypt jmb on ecebe bej gt e Ba pet Jwp
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plained of fatigue heat and pain in his head. After
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the following questions What are the various Causes of so called
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Will that man the initials of whose name nearly exhaust the English
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sider elsewhere and at length but it will be suffi

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