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subnormal. He further cautioned against waiting until

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taken in doses of a single pill either before or after eating.

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have found nothing sufficiently curative in electrolysis to make me lay down

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diseases of the body as Dr. Cannon showed. But the body

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wards they are separated by intervals which grow wider

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walk or toward evening when the patient has been ac

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assuming the presence of a specific virus lead to nervous symptoms

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snbcutaneously to sucking lambs. Animals inoculated by this method

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The soldier is provided for in all cases except where

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applied on clean soft linen or cotton cloth which is soaked in the

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and delirium of fevers it is absolutely invaluable.

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primary tumour the latter is often much firmer in consistence

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Commendations bestowed upon our Aspirators by physicians familiar with the latest European and

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over the upper part of the right side of the chest ante

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eollect.sand h compows j iving rise to the most trouble

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of the Results of Scientific Child Study to the Problems

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them are from the records and may I think be relied

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ological and pathological experiments where the ends of the experiment can

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Medical Society founded on the written statements of physicians in town

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selves doctors through having like Ioliere s Molade

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only a very small percentage of the natives can re

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cither backward or laterally when following external

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amperemeter within one half hour after the beginning

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ciple means of support and vf hiskoy judiciously given with the

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luminous and fometimes its dark part there will be reafon to queftion the

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scalded hay with bruised and mashed oats. When all is done however

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actions they exercised in keeping down vermin. He need

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different from the inspissated secretion of the sebaceous follicles.

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held in a strained position. There was no change in sweating. His

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fine bladed knife followed by plugs as in the case of septa.

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