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while their diet subjects them much less than other businesses to dysentery or

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duration at that time. The patient was a healthy appearing

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upon the stored-up memories of similarities and dissimilarities.

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not hesitate to express his conviction, ''that when all these

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garded as the most prolific in desirable offspring.'^

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epiglottis. Some portions can descend in the anterior part of the

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The superficial form takes origin in the skin, and may

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mnemonic impressions, and lesions in the parietal lobe destroy-

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should not lie allowed to take place during the first five days after the monthly

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up :i- food for milch cows. Under this unnatural management, ihe cows heeume

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■ led as the great antetype of the Jewish sacrifices, and as having, by the

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our minds, and send the pure blood in healthful currents through every vein and

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be used, and {b) time required for it to c^ect the system.

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intervention in her case lies in the fact that her condition may

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The lung was condensed and flattened. Nothing particular was noted

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edly speedy, outbreak of the disease in the second eye. As far as

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servations aeei etablish it as a truth), it is obvious that the pains of child-

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June, 1919, arm broken at play and set under ether anesthesia.

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siding iu Edinburgh, and bom of white parents, but whose mother some time pre-

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Cranial Nerves. — Olfactory nerve: When tested objectively

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in the midst of the white substance of the brain, outside and

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only be elicited by directly comparing the right and left sides.

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— Storer. Pocketing the Pedicle. A New and Successful mode of

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in the sheath of the primitive fibres (sarcolemma) and in that

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given by the mouth. For, as frir as my observation goes, the -J^

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a. The reason why the fits so often occur first in the night, is supposed to

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the tumours are readily injected from the uterine vessels, others

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Present Illness. — About sixteen months ago patient grad-

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Case 35 was remarkable, as exhibiting a tendency to ebtention

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