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bility of contamination and accidental infections chiefly negative. Land

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cient a douche as those of the artificial establishment in Paris. The strongest

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add another cause which has often something to do in causing

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Your article of May favours a system of prescription in

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causes of Purpura but this has arisen from confounding Purpura

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eight years old was graduated from the University of

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common jjractice of dismissing patients with sliglit ailments rather

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professors and instructors who have since that time

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the finest bronchi when it causes intense difficulty in respiration

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ity of some of the spirochetes escaping destruction

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tight cap which can be opened for topping up and washing out

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over the upper part of the right side of the chest ante

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certain number of pre war prostitutes whose clientele

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The fevers of the time generally assumed the type of the

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curving backward at the same time then describes a semicircle forward

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mittently. The unstriped fibres of the hypertrophied

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first described by Charcot has occurred in the practice

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and certainly they are often useful though perhaps nov

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ing his position to gain relief and it will be further indicated

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nine months in every case of enlarged tonsil I have seen

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highly and justly appreciated. In tlic various relations of

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ally or perhaps afterward recognized as post mortem.

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braneous cases were smaller than those in the cases

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cussed their walls vibrate with their contents a full sound is

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syphilis. He was a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor

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With regard to the method by which contraction of the bronchi causes

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Diagnosis and Treatment of renal tumours. Tlie recognition of

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treated with glycerine was presented and in the pre

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sion in a metropolitan hospital. It is the difl erence in the man

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monks of medieval and Latin times learned this as is

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contributed to various medical journals. Such men as

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few citizens have anything to say about it save that

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