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better classes. It may make its appearances during the sustained use

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stretch adhesions and that it should be employed with

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other while anterior fibres connect in the same manner the

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cient inducement to adopt the use of the instrument for di

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much depressed mentally to complain of pain about the Uver the

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A brief consideration of the history of air analyses from a

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It was considered more desirable to begin this a little

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that the diagnosis will depend upon the sagacity of the physician who

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in bignefs and fhape are lefs remarkably unlike than natural bodies the

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ness and the application perhaps of a weak astringent lotion.

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Cremation. It will interest cremationists to hear that

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extirpation of the primary disease could no longer be

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sloughing of the entire pancreas with formation of abscess

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It is based upon the fact that glucose is oxidized in the

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he wants it. The treatment has gone on for several months the pile

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been decided upon it was freely recognized that the

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disease and if in error no harm can come because of them.

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the wonderful success of Dr. Varick. It was found that

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certain changes recognizable to tlie eye conld be demon

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extremities rounded in form and varying from the size of a

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up the symptoms of disease are really protective in their inception.

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M A similar coincidence is very frequently met with

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patients themselves. Our reasons for believing that the food intake

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tained. In this instance the growth was of the sub

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