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currences of metastatic infections, for instance, in the ^N'eisser infection
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Providence. R. I., for special temporary duty— October 14, 1903.
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it a most useful solvent of diphtheritic membrane. I am glad
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a desire of revenge upon her, that would be murder. These were the
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section of left dorsal quadrant (substantia gelatinosa
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Ophthalmic, 11 a.m.; Royal Westminster Ophthalmic, 1^ p.m.; St.
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to use every appropriate means of influencing the system from
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In the peripheral parts of some of the gliomata in the fore-brain
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(Reix.rt LXVII, p. 429, Plate XXIV, fig. 2, Plague Supplement, Journal
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to reform health care in Connecticut. The reform seems to
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quently repeated, the subcutaneous injection of ergotine may be employed, and
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6. Mrs. M. L., aged fifty, married, menopause in 1900.
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progress oi epmemiL I u^^icia ,. „ o f 1 1 h ilar more severely than m the precedmg quarter. The counues
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The extent of the left limit of the cardiac dullness from mid-sternum was
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secretion, may be responsible for the excretion of apparently normal
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physical, and then the therapeutic effects of glycerine.
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one of the diseases in relation to which recovery is proof of an error in diag-
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The coagulating properties of calcium chlorid have been
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he secured the best works on the subject. Combining these
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deals more with the anatomy and classification of the in-
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tered upon his customary business. There has l)een no swelling or
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elimination (kidneys), are concerned. Furthermore, there is no lack of
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So far as I am aware no other similar institution had re pre-
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fully adopted. The foetal heart not being heard after careful
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3d. Surgeiy. — Dr. S. E. Sylvester, of Portland, the chairman,
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Three anhydrous chlorine oxides also exist, the first two of which
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heart-disease, and an examination of the wound determined an ab-
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there is developed irido-chorioiditis, with purulent exudation in the
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rare instances met with in other forms, are further and more pro-
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aural surgeon, and Dr. W. 0. Moore, of New York, the oph-
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was not aimed at, but undiluted gastric contents were used. In cases
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of fresh air, sometimes the subcutaneous injection of
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of very gentle heat. On cooling, no crystals had formed; it was
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In 1797, Mr. Cruikshank published an observation which
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left arm and leg appeared weak. Owing to the swelling, it was im-
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as it keeps down the percentage of employed patients."
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bladder, which Mr. Tait said might be a malignant growth,

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