Getting Off Tegretol

by Mr. C. H. Moore, in this question : "Are there any .Antecedent

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Coton-hill (Stafford) Lunatic Asylum, stated that Ann

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mind. The instillation of it is repelled by my reason

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generally without any personal distinction whatever,

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legally kept and sold by any chemist. In such cases

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whilst a surgeon, who has devoted the flower of his existence {and

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tegretol is made of

observed in the blood-vessels. The intima of the blood-vessels es-

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disease has changed. AVe have not had for many years

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disease for his calling. ' His poverty and not his will

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sented a mass of disease entirely beyond the reach of

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representation to the legislature has been exhausted

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various processes of degeneration. Soon it was seen that diphtheria

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and guide it (so far as may be) to a happy issue. The

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soon as swallowed, and its use was therefore speedily

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She spoke rationally, and confessed to the persistence

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changed, and the asthenic fevers, as we have had them

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The action of the heai-t was regular, and the sounds

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fees for attendance on Lectures and on the Medical and Surgical

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Esquerdo reported a fatal case of septic endocarditis attended

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nay, even nations. That baths, therefore, imder such

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more gritty matter in the left suprarenal body than

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His Eminence the Cardinal sees through his Magnifi-

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physic and prescribe for themselves or their invalid

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Another case, exactly similar to this, was observed

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sometimes said even now that of all the means of diagnosis ausculta-

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never wUl be; but, as the cooling treatment of small-

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"4 per cent." of pauperism was ascribable to insan-

getting off tegretol

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King's College. 130 P.M.— Charing Cross, 2 p.m.—

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to a frequent and niarl;ed coincidence of Cancer and Rheumatism in

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Bacon saw that the rational method of inquiring into

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still during the last fifty years steadily advanced in

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bone of its own, or articulating with the head of one

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may depend upon local or social causes, the Associa-

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