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ing some of them in rather considerable detail. He has reached

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All reasons for the very existence of the army are reasons for its

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derivative was therefore prepared by heating the dry chloride of the

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than fmall beer or wine diluted with twice its quantity of water.

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been painted red. The various points may be designated

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patient exhibited at the last meeting of the American Xeurological

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ance to the nutritional defects were the distinctly ner

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which exists for some method of detecting those delicate

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there have been five more with seven cases between these

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school on the I A and th of September complaining of headache

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thoracic viscera are concerned the limbs the brain and the

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application of the physical agency by the physiologist and by the Osteopath

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evacuated many pockets of pus but could not find the

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It is a matter of extreme difficulty to determine the relative fre

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been a pelvic presentation twice. The patient who looked

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contraction throwing the blood back upon the a jc le.

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medical development but that the individual factor was

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nal abdominal wall just at the end of the ileum. The entire colon

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parathyroid insufficiency. Clinical research on ani


It would appear that these tumours or cysts differ in no

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special interest. They have been taken at random from a large

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eleventh day the pulse was and temperature I and both

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its thick walled ulceration the size of a millet seed.

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ed and drained with iodoform gauze the growths snipped

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early in the disease. In the shape of incontinence it

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learnt will be new and interesting to the majority of the members

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change in colour of which was noticed before. Constant

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primary spinal atrophy hut on pathological grounds were shown to

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since the introduction of vaccination has been put off not only in

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Loeb believes that similar conditions prevail in the

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i scourge in many and its presence has been recognised

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the clinical course the test being negative two or more

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lit be quite as useful in promoting absorption in other

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within the past few weeks had such an apparatus been

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been much more vivid and they would have been more competent to have

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The surgical ailments which Shakespeare speaks of in his

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