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we will call the tapping or patting of the muscles.

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mous expense, we cannot but regard the citizens of Illinois, who

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If situated low down, pain will be delayed from the

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being more particularly due to loss of central vision. The experiments of

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The optic nerve contains three elements, viz., the nerve fibres,

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against typhoid fever. Its typhoid death rate was cut fifty per cent.

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of marked fibro-cystic tumors of the uterus, and we have not a

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the Prince of Wales into the chair of President of St. Bartho-

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follow a lesion on the corresponding side of the medulla, regardless of

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Connecticut Medical Society, Hartford, May 22-23, 1901.

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were quite adherent, and partook more of the impetiginous character than

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diagnosis is made reasonably early and experienced treatment

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their reach, accept of version as the alternative, and de-

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in no way intended to replace the larger text-books already in use, will be found to be a most

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[Reprinted from The Journal of Biological Ciieuistry, April. 1919, Vol. xx.^vii,

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and, far more rarely, upon the face. These pustules are bemisphcrual,

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that if the different forms of laryngitis and neoplasms

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pensation, on the ground that Dr. Dyte's appointment had

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14. Has your delegate been elected for 1906 and will he surely be at the

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a casoatinii; mass in the lunp; may pei-forate the visceral ))loura and cause

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careful to discern whether any other explanation of the change

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The topic "Treatment" was still further sub-divided and

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In order to carry out the stretching the patient is placed

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Jun 30 Physician Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs, SD; Topic: to be announced; Info: Candy Benne,

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bleeding. For nobody would dare to resort to jugular venesection, as our

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Treatment. — The employment of boiled and filtered water and protec-

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In the beginning of 1878 I was making some experiments

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minution, rough handling, etc. It may also follow orthopedic operations, sur-

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such prohibition be a reasonable exercise of the power.' There

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wound, pus would soon collect, an abscess would be the result, and

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material, for the reception, storage, and delivery of milk, and shall keep them

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