Suppository Dulcolax Dose

through its every word. We have no doubt that the framers of

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Merck and Company, Inc., The Merck Index, Merck and

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agglutinates the 0.5 ml of standard human erythrocyte suspension

suppository dulcolax dose

placed on the bottom. One petri dish near the top of a stack may

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(1) The guinea pig kidney does not absorb the agglutinins

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Dr. Chew Kin Fong. — It is darkly hinted that New York physicians may yet be

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(A special test by same name is used for rapid grading of

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all the base of the brain (nuclei and cerebral peduncles), with

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moderate strength, and afterwards poulticed with linseed meal or wrapped

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course of a few days the discharge changed in character, became

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a 0.1 N NaOH solution, which when fresh had the factor

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percent solution of phenol red. The 0.2 percent solu-

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advantage be' tinged with permanganate of potassium solution, unless soap

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dysentery and cholera by direct examination of stool specimens.

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Evidence of paralysis of the larynx is to be found in huskiness or

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two days later the patient became sugar free, and within a week

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b. Host Relation. K. pneumoniae may be found in the normal

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