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brandy, which she immediately ran for and brought. I poured out a

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questioned whether general introductories do not more harm, by ab-

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vessels from contraction of the tissue of the uterus itself. After de-

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April 14th. The stiffness and swelling were subsiding.

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to determine this amount. There were, or might be, sick clubs which

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earn the gratitude of a large number of distressed lecturers. It is not

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closed with this question : In certain cases of slight but persistent and

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the Poor in Great Britain and Ireland, and of co-operating with the

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dent of medicine is characterised by professional earnestness, and by that

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gentlemen, that I have often been expected to be told, when I have

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lowered her head, gave diluted brandy, and spoonfuls of milk and arrow-

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body of skilled bearers will come at once to their rescue, but they have

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My belief is, that the course of all these cases may be thus epitomised

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A COMPARISON of the facto of dropsy, diarrhcea, suppression of urine,

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Moreover, if the areas, from which the regular returns of public practice

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covered her usual condition. She had subsequently many similar

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tion" once a fortnight, and instruction in " Practical Histology" once

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spheric Air, its average amount, causes of its nearly equable diffusion,

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ignorant men should pass examinations supposed to test their know-

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at home and in the Tropics — in Churches, Barracks, Hospitals, Troop

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nouement. — The meeting was unanimously of opinion that the paper

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tures will commence on November 2nd. In the Course of Practical

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We are glad to see that this subject, which we have strongly advocated

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examination, Mr. .Stokes ascertained the existence of a dense .stricture

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by the demonstrator, a most intelligent lady, who brought me round.

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of twenty cases, I found that the appearance of the cyst followed

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end in checking disease. If you will allow me, I will therefore quote a few lines

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other special cases. The removal of the residents' rooms will offer ad-

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the handles. What he wished was, to gather the opinions of the mem-

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