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Dr. Tuke. He hoped that when this question was referred to

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of bottles of hot water or similar measures. Care, however, should be

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may be unable to respond promptly to the demand made upon them.

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and death. So grave was the outlook that the question of prohibiting

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with any sensory disturbances, and in the great majority of cases are

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tain 20 gramme, or pills each containing 0.10 gramme. In


man, Specialarzt fiir Nervenkrankenheiten in Braunschweig.

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sets in, when the symptoms at once become modified, with cough and

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made into i pill, 6 of these pills" to be taken the first day. On the

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forth omitting all reference to " doubtful " cases, we are able

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On the following morning the scrotum and perineum were

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the same ground is not gone over again and again. Members

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Surgeon-Captain D. G. Crawford, Bengal Establishment, Civil Surgeon

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made him offer to give evidence. In the case of an accident

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Symphsiotomy, a case of, 88.5, 915 ; and Cfcsarf an

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the Association, 429, Strand. The rooms are open from 10

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byrin^'oniyelia, l)ut in this latter affection the joints of the upj>er

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On the other hand, a coexistence of ascites with jaimdice is very sus-

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are asked to believe, on the authority of an eminent but

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this disease, which had been submitted to him by me. In

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do not use. Patients recovered or died just the same as they did

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tissues must be due to the influeme, chemical or molecular,

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express any opinion as to the mental condition of such

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sets in, the terminal stages of this affection begin. Instead of the ini-

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valves analogous to those defects in the inguinal canal which lead to

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Elliston, George Sampson, M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S. A., appointed Medical

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country are somewhat contradictory. Various localities ia

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pain had commenced— the patient tliinks about four or five months— he

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It stated further that the Committee had taken the oral

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were in a natural line, but as he began to use his hand dis-

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to Paris to take counsel with the Municipal Committee of

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weight on ceasing work without meantime drinking a drop.

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as to the position of his limbs that he has to be watched to prevent

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ir. Records of cases variously described by their original observers

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cases now recorded failed to recover (Case iv). If galvanic

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and insidious, the patients not feeling unwell or debilitated until the

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E. J. Gilbert, Secretary-Superintendent, by June 21st.

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kowski, however, has shown conclusively^ that all these failures to

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potent agents for its production — namely, cider.

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7i.emsu of the uterus, do thou for her (thus). Kap her with

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