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of the liver greatly enlarged by the formation in it of numerous
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in its incipiency and were dealt with radically there would be more
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and set it where its contents will cook slowly for three hours.
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same purposes and under the same circumstances as in cases
made to a determination of that difficult problem, the
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this rd) takes, of the cartilage in which it termi-
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4. The therapeutic observations of more than fifty writers demonstrate
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typhoid fever, to say nothing of the loss of valuable lives, and the
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ing evidently some peculiar character on the poison.
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York is not satisfactory. It finds that while the stand-
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accidents incidental to endocarditis in some cases. In general, as occurring
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The result of the Council election is made known this
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tered physician office laboratories from the act. At least
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to some weeks ; in nearly all the remainder it occurs simultaneously.
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constitution. Nature does not allow the direct transmission of
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to be produced, by metamorphosis, from slender aquatic
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On the left wall of the bladder is seen a round open-
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that the involvement of the cerebrospinal axis takes
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mogastric nerve which descends on the posterior wall of the
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five cases.* In 1805 and 1806, he only used instruments three
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eight grains at a dose every eight hours ; increased
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a thousand miles to get such a variety of climate as this. Any part of
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manifesting itself, increases the gravity of the disease, partly by exhausting the
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ally the lymphatic glands are involved, and sometimes the surrounding
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placed thrombi; (4) fibroid tumors; (5) hypertrophied
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17. One 36- watt, 110-volt, frosted bulb, Edison Mazda lamp.
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HiioHES— GiLLAN.— On January -25, at the Church of the Holy Trinity,
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Back Row Left to Right: Carolyn Pope, Peggy Paxson, Paula Golden, Cathy DeiT.
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before a meeting of the German Poliklinik on October 29, last, in
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with nuclei ; (3.) Nearest the cutis are the cells and tissue of the
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convinced — that the army medical corps must be re-
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for heating-purposes that my paper was written for the
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proprietors as offering the most perfect solution of
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not infrequently, incipient or not fiilly developed scurbutus. The f«ias
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body of the animal, as is the case in the natural order of things, the toxin,
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Supposing it to be of uterine or ovarian origin, Dr.
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sugar put a large cup of water, and put it in a brass or
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