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tude in the United States, and the difference which
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mental disease. A mental case such as the one mentioned pre-
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Detail for the board : Surgeon Hiram W. Austin, chair-
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'To be noted that the ear which became dry did not evidence bone
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have the patient in the horizontal position so as to
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are gathered when the plant is in full bloom contain the
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annual ascent of the intensity of his rays came the
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ID, 1910. Twenty-one days, chancres gone, eruption verj'
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lliey show gross carelessness, or criminal intent on
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sides, and the cremasteric reflex could not be obtained.
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eases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat has been fully
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in which I concur, that it was a small epidemic due
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stead of curing the disease. It becomes clear, that

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