Quibron Syrup

nant tumors furnishes additional and by no means unimportant
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valves. In Lewis's case, the pulse was at first firm and incompressible, but
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seemed to have originated. Disease of these parts, like that in other joints,
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were related in which the tendon was divided. His plan was to make a
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669,976. Uterine drainage tube. James J. Bowker, Laotto, Ind.
fever, and on the fourth he found himself entirely blind. On this his friends
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and abdomen, and pushing the colon toward the median line.
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ing the digestive power of these diastatic agents. This
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he awoke, feeling very well and thoroughly unconscious
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died of phthisis, but she is well five years later. 4. V.'s wife
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We have been favoured by the author, Dr. William B. Carpenter, of
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98 *The Diagnosis and Treatment of Adenoids by the General
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diminished. When this caution is neglected, the stomach and bowels be-
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it is called for when the true conjugate measures as much as
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estimation by permitting himself to be deluded by the representations of two
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This little volume by a physician who is already known as
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absolutely unable to perform any of his duties. He returned
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inches long remaii^ed in the right bronchus of a young chUd
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may develop later, and require a second operation as occurred
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them by careful attention, but they will occasionally occur, even when the

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