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that during the past three weeks the)' had received

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bacillus of cholera from Finkler's, which is present in the diarrhoeas often

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woman began to gain in weight, and the breasts filled and yielded such an

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officer during the periods ( ^Nlay i to Xovember i)

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acute rhinitis. He had adenopathy and the scars the

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for a long while and finally yielded to mixed treatment.

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comprise eleven full-page plates in addition to numerous figures in the

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ization of the bundle of His, it is difficult to correlate


The Bacteriology of the Genital Tract in Woman.— Menge and

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to the honor of the discovery of the stapes. Fallopius described the

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operation showed the necessity of surgical interference.

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fourth. The patu-nt was prepared in the usual way. At

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faces and orj^ans of the body is fully described, and

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