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be of benefit. Absolute quiet should be maintained. If the
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stimulant diuretic emmenagogue antiseijtio and vesicant. It is
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glands which in to days later have abscesses formed in them.
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given very little medication a little whiskey when the
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is a question of huinanity. Every time that any disease
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pressure as due to fear and worry old age as consequent
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three each typhoid fever two measles one. The death rates
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definitely but Neal says that it is the custom of the
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August th to th cases and deaths were officially re
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histidine and creatine see page shown to be present by their reac
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percentage humidity of the atmosphere. The temperature of the layer
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placed around the child s neck. After this progress was
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this particular form of congestion which is in fact not diagnosticable with
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The author rather ohjects to applying the name parovarian
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is generally foul with adhering fecal matter and which as an abomination
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would have opened the mastoid but found the patient too
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those that fell in the hands of the police without any
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murmur was found unaltered except at the root of the
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incision into the kidney we find that increase of bulk is owing
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It remains to treat of the management of the most formidable
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specimens are nothing more nor less than quite a lot of tuberculous
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Wertheim operation and this has been done more satis
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The pleura pulmonalis of the right side was every where
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tion in dress throughout the Greek and Roman civilizations is pretty
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Central myelitis in which the gray matter alone is involved may be
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the intestines it is believed that spores enter the lymph and blood
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mucous membrane of the whole gastric and intestinal tract is swollen
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be inclined to say that in case of a given color the
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to the work of venereal disease control and recognize with equal justice
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child selects rather than the last. Second the rewards
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previously correct by mine and by that of her husband who died not
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portion and those extreme cases that complete failures occur but
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Vision for reading was not improved by glasses in the
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