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generally heal rapidly after they are evacuated. The

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and surrounding sclerotic. If any difficulty is experienced as sometimes

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authorities of the port of arrival for the truthful and

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away the fangs are thrust into the mouth by the contraction of the

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will Qnd this to be elicits criticism and the flaws are pointed out

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small dry perforation in the tympanic membrane the air may be heard

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will generally cause them to grow pale but there may

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swell. Glanders. Secretion of a thin tough mucus followed by swell

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effect while the secretion was diminished after alcohol had been injected into

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attention off from the discharges of the bowels they watch them and

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hy Joseph Le Conte Professor of Gcolog y and Natural His

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tients were still quite active. It was his opinion that

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has proved curiously inert. This has been the case both

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consequence of their different organization the various domes

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In figure some distance anterior to the last figure the two

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pletely filled with an ill smelling cheesy material


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numerous erythrocytes and leucocytes in the ratio of ten

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case. In one of the cases reported by Gottstein a hard rub er

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personal susceptibility can be presupposed. The latter may be assumed

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complete surprise without giving opportunity for preparation.

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limbs muscles jerking like chorea when awake only not

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Seeds of the pea ord. I gt eguminosw are farinaceous

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tain means of raising the bacterial resistance in such

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hypochondriac region for six months. There was a large globular swelling

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