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claimed of her that in this unified purpose to help and

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suppuration, and the removal of these splinters, if their

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cally believed, that the laity have preferred an " ounce " of intel-

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VI. Insolation. Sunstroke. Heat Prostration. Thermic Fever . . . 527

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methods, it is in their want of adaptation to certain conditions

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Hospital, B. I., in 1876. serving one year; was then ap-

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Mesmerism, unconsciously used, perhaps, does much : curiosity, the

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the strong children in whom the fontanels have closed early, it

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lowed his studies in Edinburgh, where he took the double

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applications to be present at his operations, and for the

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shoulder joint had passed away, and that without leaving any anclrylosis. It

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34. "Original Uses of Bone Graft" (Condensed) (Detroit Med. Jnl., Feb.,

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inal in this or any other country to be executed by electricity. Sub-

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President of the Post-Graduate Alumni Association of

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was educated in Catholic private and parochial schools and the pub-

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less be fully appreciated only by those on whom devolves its

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Asylum on Ward's Island was converted into a hospital

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always come on from the second to the fifth day. We have

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owing to movements of the injured limb, the vessel may

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and margins many hernia deemed inoperable have been successfully

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better. She eats and sleeps well, and looks quite rosy, — very

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allowed them to follow the advances made in military surgery.

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"Dr. S(.ulli;uk.;i-sislant surgeon tu Dr. James R. Wuod,

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I could. To my colleagues in the permanent faculty I wish to express my sincerest

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of Portland, the first regular physician of that place to accept and practise the

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warmly on the wisdom of the limitations, and the necessity of

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from the University of Michigan, and the same from Columbia Uni-

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Three sons bless this union, none of whom have adopted

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ment, that was not brought to bear on the new system of medi-

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for a lamp and dark room ; for, the inside of the tube being dark,

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Nichol, M.D., LL.D., S.C.L. New York : A. L. Chatterton Publishing Company,

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cal Society; Fellow of the American Gynecological So-

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nection with the other symptoms. Dr. Suckling, physician to

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by the reading of his very interesting paper entitled " Notes on

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The medicinal substance once present, he considers it well es-

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city. From 1902 to 1906 he was associated as assistant to the late

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