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tensity syphilis ulcerations of the scalp and of the um

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system and thus lessens the frequency and severity of

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but Dr. Leffmann was able to get reactions for boric

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Martin s treatise on The Organic and Functional Diseases of the

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wave of motion starting in the front paw would pass

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to assuming this position he was in private practice in

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The Journal makes a good beginning and we are sorry to see many

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eruption has come fully out. The symptoms persist after

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gives vigor to all the vital functions provided cane sugar is not used

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tiution regarding the remedial power of arsenic in the

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We have here then one pathogenic factor in the production

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ease the breathing becomes stertorous or the Cheyne

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Pneumonia is a disease that presents many difficult

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end of this course of preparatory treatment he was in

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the animal whether it be a high bred trotter or a slow going

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with the Fantis or natives of the Gold Coast who have

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ability of physicians to practise in the United States

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this were added a cough and loss of appetite with insidious ap

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a paper on Cholagogue Medicines read before the Medico

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reactions. An intracranial growth owing possibly to its relatively slow ad

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lung trouble must be considered as having some prognostic

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at present we are safe in assuming that the patients

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only locally as in the production of intestinal lesions

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the latter to follow the former in case the disease spreads beyond the

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favor of a payment to cover expenses of travelling

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