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pairment of articulation, may be due to changes in the nucleus
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fitting truss may answer every purpose, yet such patients
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abundance of nutritious and easily digestible and assimilable food, calm and
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then removed from III and IV by means of sterile pipettes and
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may hope that the statistics of the future will be much more favorable than those
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could think craniotomy was called for. He wished to
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Art. II. — C-ases of Amputation. By Jxo. Fred. 3Iay, M. D., Professor
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Comdr. William Seaman Bainbridge, M. C, U. S. N. R. F.; "Physical
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For example, ))otassium iodide parsed out of the sj-s-
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the statement that cathartics are best given at night, together with
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excessive liquor amnii, twin pregnancies, etc., all of
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stomach, which is increased by eating, but rarely amounts to severe
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motion where the strength of the organizing tendencies
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pulmonary and systemic congestion had the regurgitation not
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could add a personal experience in Buffalo and Xew York,
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6. Starch solution (see Boas' method of estimating lactic acid).
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Alexander C. Sturrock, M.D. (Temp. Lieut.) Norman B. Stewart, M.B.
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broken villi, and in older cases by layers of fibrin forming a false cyst wall. In
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plete th(i picture of an individual ? Rep. Am. Asa. Adv.
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uary of this year the patient entered the Massachu-
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Government Laboratories, has been in Manila since September, 1901.
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cerebrum superiorly, there is a deposit of adventitious membrane, also in its under surface
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(quarterly), County Medical Societies; Chittenden, Vt.,
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resulting in commitments to hospitals the census has no data. It is entirely
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are increasing in number and virulence in Birmingham, and it
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to be suffering from a wound inflicted in performing a
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secretions. Hence, they jump at the conclusion that, inasmuch as the
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perhaps death. Inflammation is a common and frequent method of
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206. Ventral Aspect of the Cephalo-thorax of Porocephalus armillatus.
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very few present sufficient evidence to be classed as gonorrheal pleurisy.
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gitis. Special attention has been given to this subject by Mallory, whose
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at least she was thereafter in constant dread of organic
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private patients with the premonitory diarrhoja, as my pliysical endurance
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the Melbourne, Australia, Exhibition in 1889, and a Bronze Medal at the Industrial
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ache, from dimness of vision, from puffiness of the skin of the
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lieve, relief being obtained by surgical i \u • 1 • j ,
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for only two. The method of administration was changed from

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