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the past summer and fall, and is still being used, though not with
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cularly in the floor of the fourth ventricle, it is questionable whether in
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I have seen fifteen cases of the complaint since I began to attend
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tall man having taken his place on the injured side, the patient should
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of diachylon plaster; when thoroughly melted, spread it
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pine once given differs from the ordinary means of inducing sweating, for
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The poisons used against man may be divided mto-A. Inorganic
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slightest incUnation to withdraw from it. Moreover, the labour
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case. She came under my observation in an attack of pneumonia which
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neglected, and good results rendered impossible. And
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1891-2, iv, 243-261,— Polain. La temperature dans i,i
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tion. And herein the knowledge acquired by our pre-
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yet the patient is quite conscious and willing to take food, I would
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results due to varying susceptibility even in animals of the same species. The
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show a mild degree of nervousness ; under three hun-
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meat ; group E had an addition of 8 ounces tinned fruit ; and
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t Patient in a very exhausted condition— with abscess and sloughing of
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One of the points of special interest in the microscopical
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greater than during our last war. Medical ofticcrs of
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tend to prevent the spread of disease, as well as to do away
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is obliged to present himself immediately for examination.
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The diseases of the urethra, according to the experience of Dr. Emmet,
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stomach, with tendency to eructation and to reject by vomiting whatever
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ciling the discrepancies of observation and opinion as to the
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I feel great confidence in saying that the true congenital
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is indicated in the treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary
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as it prevailed about the lower Vistula, atford not the slightest countenance
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The alkalies have obtained a very extensive and firm confidence in
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The frequent recurrence of sugar in the urine was constantly associated with a
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Almighty God is the Lord of life and death, and of all
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the first place. The changes in the influence of the tumour on
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developed tapeworms and their larvie or scolices. The immatui'e cestoid
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jeopardized to save time. Thirdly, a urethra would support
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which is to conserve life. In strictly nonsurgical cases
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noticeable change would be a darkening of the skin. The ten-
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ntod at upi>or and outor riliary niarf^in of iriH. N'inion liinifcd
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The first object of medicine, it has been well said, is to prevent dis-
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awkwaniin buttoning his clothes anil in using the knife
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could not be separated without tearing the substance of the
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is included within its area. At the bottom of the shield is
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TTnion Protestant Infirmary of Baltimore, has used a solution of silver
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J7iJ> heapob ece J?yppa pypta jenim ba laeppan pypc
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been no dejection for several days. Dry flannel had been substituted for

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