Phenergan Syrup Plain For Cough

in a solid doorway or any other such place where you can
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Dr. Markham said he was very happy to second the pro
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only relieve the patient of much trouble and suffering
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normal. Reduction with incision is at present an operation to
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Case i. TypJioid Fever uith very high Temperature falal on tJif
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far there has not been reported a case in which damage
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whether members of the Society or not. had defended in
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give half in the morning and half at night. See page
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The teeth are in good condition. Tongue protrudes straight and has a thick
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the yard as convenient and throw in fresh pure earth
phenergan syrup plain for cough
without milk diarrhoea. pains in the abdomen like pains of labor general
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half an hour afterwards contained neither blood nor
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The first flow should be allowed to run to waste this is to
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not exercise an unfavorable influence it may indirectly
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lowing pressure over the lower dorsal spine as well
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Whenever there exists a gangrenous lesion in some portion of the body
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y etaient pris et cen est pas. Je commence a le craindre les
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Chemistry. Excellent record both as graduate and undergraduate ninth decile.
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from the diseased animal. Some authorites maintain that
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with paraesthesia occasionally with hyperaesthesia and pain disorder of
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albumin is more astringent than bismuth more insoluble and has a greater
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Consumptive persons to breaths the largest possible
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fortable health for an indefinite period. The advantage of an early diagnosis
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accurate closure being obtained by the use of a rubber
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not relieved in time. Leichtenstern explains the sudden appearance
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nation. And as all adult pharyngeal diphtheria tends to recovery it
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every hour for times then wait if necessary after some
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cation the entire premises of the establishment including all com
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be of assistance both to the teachers of bacteriology in veterinary
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injection in preference to the usual method of giving it by the

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