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Barrington, F. J. F. (3). The relation of the hind-brain to micturition.

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Chemical examination shows that human nails vary very little in

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that physical exercise not only increases the resistance to general infection

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trypanosomes and a dose of 0-001 gm. ' Bayer 205 ' not only remained free

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toxaemia from septic complications evidence of excitability of the extensor

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a crisis, and eight of them had been sick less than nine months.

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cerebrospinal fluid, but it was found that the severest cases gave the highest

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whole the lesions produced are similar to those produced by X-rays, but less

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even if not sterile, keeps well for at least five days. C. d. F.

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weight of certain internal organs varies with the surface, that of other

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or any towers, or to hear the ringing of their bells, or to talk about

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in two experiments (Nos. Mil and XV). In experiment \ III

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was informed that she sunk gradually during the night, and

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Among the diverse and often puzzling phenomena that, under

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she was finally visited in her home on April 20. It was found that the

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malaria is very prevalent throughout Asia Minor the town of Smyrna was

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a shadow in front of the tumour, which was taken to represent the spleen,

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October 15. Patient appears to be improved; less toxic; tongue still

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reaction or defensive inflammation. The former includes fever, leucocytosis,

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1 Archiv f. experimentelle Pathologic u. Pharmakologie, 1879, x, 54.

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always be estimated before the coagulation time. If it is normal, i. e. two

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University. A preliminary series of experiments with dogs whose

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one time joints only, at another time soft tissues also, were affected.

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Seyfarth had an opportuity of studying numerous cases of malaria at

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Beriicksichtigung der obligaten Anaerobier. [The bacteriological examina-

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bicarl>onate (0.2 to 0.4 per cent.), and perhaps a little lemon juice, may he added.

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October 7. Vomited a great deal and is dull and very toxic.

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the cord in the lower cervical region, he may imagine that, except for his

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Sicard. Encephalite epidemique intercurrente. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d.

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of this condition which brings the total number of cases which

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danger of apoplexy, and possibly checking the progressiveness of the

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supporting the instrument against the arch with the fingers of

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Evans, C. L. The reaction of the blood in secondary anaemia. Brit. J.

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