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ing the anatomical defect, but in restoring physiologic

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to make an exhibition of everything which the student has a right to ex-

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when returning liome from school, he was knocked down by a

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with other local morbid conditions, which increase their apparent bulk and

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nasal catarrh was considerably relieved. I urged him

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better nractice may be adopted, I hope to have the support of

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space at the base and in the pia mater that the most marked changes

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syphilitic sore, or if not conversant with its varied manifestations,

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neck ; by compressing the windpipe and suspending respiration ;

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in contact with ; the spur on the dangerous side is of un-

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cases of calculus seen by them had been previously operated upon

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proved by expert work, which is further very disagreeable to

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plained that his penis hurt. He was then seen in the emer-

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one expect any great progress in the Sciences (especially their operative

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drops of straw-colored fluid issued. After a careful examination I found

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further prefers to commence with the anterior part when the

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Use of Thiersch Grafts.— Dr. Wii.r.iR B. Marpi.e,

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other and sometimes widely ditt'erent morbid phenomena, indicating a more

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surgery in connection with the late distinguished surgeon, Dr. Flint

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morning at 3 o'clock at his residence near Southwest battleground.

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ever it may be, when it does exist, the affection is distinctly

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covered to prevent evaporation and precipitation. In three

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vaginal route presents less terror to the friends and patient than the abdominal

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yellow, as in diabetic blood. But the red corpuscles in

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hint, however, is too good to be lost by the profession at large ; and

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ject sufficient air into the stomach to give the tube tip

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1st. d' ig. sper. d. Univ. di Roma, 1890, ii, 29-46. — Cock

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fication of polyblasts, relates the mononuclear cells of the tissues to

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Patients Nos. 2 and 3 have laid their trusses aside, feel-

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adjacent alveoli there is a dense network of capillaries,

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be forgotten, and a general satisfaction ensued. The buildings of

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the symptoms of the disorder were not first manifested under the

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of joint disease or injury) suffered from severe paroxysmal

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ately straight back t^pe of body build, pigmented skin, thin, ema-

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plumstones, and the like) generally traverse the intestine without causing

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bility that the development may take occasionally a short cut, that

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On Respiration, by Thomas Thomson, M. D., F. R. S., L. and

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