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college in its early years was a very doubtful experiment especially

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group is owing to obstruction to the free ingress of air

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years he had been affected with talipes varus in the left leg but

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schools if necessary to catch business. Some men do this with honest

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the case does not come under observation until after

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ment initiation is sometimes shrouded in well intentioned mys

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We should remember that absenoe of occupation is not rest

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cations which naturally develop in the course of the disease and

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cystectomy is largely one of technical expediency in

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cation two or three times. The amount given above will be enough to

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physicians two of wlioin hereinafter named to be ap

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globules whilst in quantity it may be very materially diminished

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tions at the same time. See Memo Consultant in Surg

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Many years ago a celebrated gout remedy Eau nitdicinale

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Treatment. The only treatment of any importance is surgical aspira

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break up the tough bands firmly uniting the gland to the capsule a

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sufferers from it. Persons of both sexes and all ages are attacked.

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will take the place of a pre existing astigmatism in which the

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food or other foreign matter select a cheesy looking

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Statistics show a death rate of less than two per cent.

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ease to a pestilence of intense malignity all degrees of

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tion exciting and irritating the womb causing straining

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manuscript with numbers corresponding to the figures. Do

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are bad practice they obscure the symptoms and prevent judicious ob

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years and now amounts to per cent of the whole number.

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locality. A slight cold in such a person will often in

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and successfully practiced the operation which to day is still

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a purgative quality better suited to this disease than opium

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medical profession or not and if they were so destined at sixteen

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very rapidly and gave other indications of disease they were

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