Imuran Pulmonary Fibrosis

dence of the expected flow, but instead, dullness and oppression,
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is employed: 1^ Sulphate of sodium, ^ss ; water, ^v; simple
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the ordinary dose on ten successive days. We even found that the
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Cabot and Hoover, Dr. Sippy closing the discussion.
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pending upon debility of the membranes of the intestines. It is
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gards the cornea alone, the conditions which require an
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out in cold rains, sleet, or hail storms. The pores of the
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the loud mucous rales. When the pulse is hard, frequent and
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drium are useful. In the opposite class of cases, with sensations
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tannic acid, tincture of iodine, alkalies, or the alkaline carbonates.
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of muscular weakness or myokymia and he seems to be well.
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form the so-called annulus Vieussenii, while division of the
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and common sensory nerve terminals (particularly in the mouth),
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to their own. I can recall the time when an occasional teacher of
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gained for it the name 'gravel plant.' About one-half of the
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abortion from taking the cotton-root. A physician from Texas
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ward to make it at least probable that heat is the sole excit-
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coat; less of appetite, low husky cough, weakness, and a
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all other forms of disease the mind of the patient, at least,
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indications for its administration in this disease are often unmis-
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believe the day is not far distant when this grand remedy will be
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enough his times (seventy years ago ; ) who will decide at
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Indications. — Fermentative changes in the bladder; atonic
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of his own order, he met the jealousy, dislike, and
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It oxidizes on exposure, forming a reddish substance that gives
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symptoms of typical typhus, the children those of Brill's disease. Guinea-
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(3.) This susceptibility results from the inherent irrita-
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In large closes it is laxative in consequence of the cathartic acid
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Menthol is antiseptic, analgesic, anesthetic, germicide and
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influence. It subdues the urethral inflammation and prevents
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under exciting influences, and it is best to count the pulse of a
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of circulation is also promoted by it. If, therefore, we wish to
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business, injured credit, and crippled science in all its de-
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entirely free from pain in the region of the kick, she attrib-
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large doses it is a drastic cathartic. Very large doses have caused
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into the lungs — that death is caused by the want of oxygen
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There are cases of infantile fever that do not readily yield
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the upper portion of the medium, while in the controls the precipi-
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that have been taken from a half-starved condition after a
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fore the birth of the head, in order to give strong contractions

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