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erator was developed which could be installed in aircraft and operated on the

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him and he tried to escape from an undesirable situation by the unconscious

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a surface disinfection. They all lack the power of penetration.

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A faint soft bruit is heard over the orbit. Tongue clean. She

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tiveness some purgative medicine was directed which not

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been established at Madrid. Especial attention will be

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tion especially as regards to objective symptoms. The

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were paralysed and in the course of atrophy. The child died when

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body may occur a the result of a stroke of lightning but

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diameter and length fome thoufands of miles be confiderM as a cylin

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exclusively to the Medical News will be furnished without charge

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toms can be described to a functional sensory neurosis and overexcita

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fested at night or when there is any rise of temperature.

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only in these cases that any risk to life e.xists from pregnancy.

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exhibit the colours of the rain bow and prifmatic glafs t

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lat Dec. At this date our patient has resumed his duties

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ness must content themselves with a pitiful sum be

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occur especially in elderly and debihtated avoidable in most cases

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jection of salt solution into the patient s vein can only be carried

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days preceding the expected menstrual period with the view

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published by my clinical assistants detailing my work and instru

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by the exudation of drops of a tincture representing the

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appendicitis the symptoms of collapse suddenly appear. This

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going treatment carried out. If an anaesthetic be not administered the

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pills is in general prescription. The formula for the

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physical signs were some dulness on percussion and feeble respiration

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