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diminished. This causes great Dyspnosa and when the swelling gets to

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headache and in his case the question so often asked

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the parietes of the distended uterus parturition was accomplished well but the

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The Syphiloma of the Vulva. The term syphiloma has been

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cle and soft chancre. Herpes is preceded by neuralgia and

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viscera of the abdomen but in truth the uterus could not

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Finally since vaginal hysterectomy is practically a cceliotomy performed

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methods of disinfection against contagious disorders the water

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inwards and in slipping the organ usually rotates so that the upper end

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corrhcea had entirely ceased this patient was subject to menor

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far science is advanced by works where the pathology symptoms

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Many physicians during the first night of the convention walked the

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of three distinct nitrogenous principles together with fatty and inorganic matters

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Notification is necessary if we ever hope to cope with this scourge.

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sical without having any valvular disease it is generally owing to

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