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my best intention towards her and for her sole benefit I re

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urine was accompanied with a great deal of pain in the

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points in the life history of these parasites which were

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only indirectly by causing an alteration in the blood.

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mind by the accoucheur whether the delivery is instru

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although few believe that one man can perform the duties of police surgeon

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pain in the dorso lumbar region aggravated by the slightest motion.

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the spot followed by ulceration rapidly this differs from calcareous

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fever may suggest Phthisis exophthalmic goiter Addi

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The loss of weight the presence in the urine of abnormal

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evacuated prior to the arrival of the o d Medical Air Evacuation Transport

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wealthy and luxurious and that poverty is a security against its

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Dugaldus Campbell ab India Orientali. On Anaesthesia.

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Owing to the slow and insidious course of contagious

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upon the whole to suggest that if the present methods of examination

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walls they are never swept but cleaned with damp or

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into Ethiopia the hakim had the kindness to sell me for about

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largely of albumen during menstruation after cold baths

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lence and self indulgence are the mothers of fatness. See also Dropsy and

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were continued for three days. Under their use the patient taking no food

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lieved by a properly adjusted abdominal bandage with

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History. I have devoted two clinical lectures to cerebro spinal meningitis and I

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would be of no significance does occur before the changes believed to

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developed. Other peripheral lesions such as occurred

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last month have made the authorities more alert in the

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malignant changes were found. The other tumor was a

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vulsive affection is to be found in an exalted sensibility and

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the rd March L From this time improvement began the

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