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Dr. Sidney O. Heiskell has been appointed assistant physician at the Balti
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plastic method using the wire saw. Four small trephine
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a little spoon like catheter and he holds it under the ure
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of syphilitic cerebral arteritis. The cases already quoted prove that apoplexy
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to precipitate a glaucomatous attack in the fellow. The
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treatment of acute athletic injuries. A variety of treat
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early stage of the disease had been decidedly benefited.
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Society. And even at the meeting referred to it was
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part of the chest behind the cartilages of the ribs.
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lower jaw as well as in the long bones of the extremities
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Sneezing consists in a violent and forcible expiration during which the
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The soft rubber catheter should always be selected in preference
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secondary hemorrhage which nearly proved fatal followed the
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they were among the most difficult they appeared to be
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supplied by the hypoglossal nerve is common in association with more
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step away from liberation but a step toward helping to
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The Rev. Dr. Bell Goole moved That the warmest thanks of
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and expression of a constitutional neuropathic condition
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mustard and snuff or injections of tobacco smoke and neutralize tlie
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spirit that has allowed this great opportunity of ad
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and hogs whereupon an improvement was noted and the Empire was
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the climacteric. Exceptions to this rule are however
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to keep the patients at perfect rest they must be re
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pulse in left wrist hands still lead colored. Ijut more
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three or four years and the prodromal stages of many

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