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bilious remittent fever prevailing on the western coast

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that investigations have shown that the antitoxic substances in the

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thus strengthening the patient and preventing fainting or col

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pies forty eight hours and sporulation takes place in all

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have done Syme s amputation and I ventured to say so in the

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manifest in the tympanitis gurgling and tenderness over the

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process. All stages of cellular degeneration could be observed. Phagocytosis

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pears. After the age of puberty these salutary changes are scarcely

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swelling varied within certain limits increasing and

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irritability but also a kind of irrational activity of the centres

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Statistics of Defectives. The large number of defectives and unfit

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Nay if you lay two flat glafles ground very true and well polifhedjupon

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and dignified as that practised by the greatest physicians and

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not discovered until a considerable quantity of food had

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of pneumonia it may be coughed up or there may be developed

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is one which has received much attention. Various observers have

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bers of the profession should cooperate with the various an

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to judge of the value of any measure they simply adopt it.

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It is said that in per cent of cases of myxoedema casts and

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maturity came on. Atropine was used and on refracting

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is commercializing teachers and institutions and lowering the

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picture. An infectious micro organism has invaded the tissues

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togetliPr bj irtflimraatory lymph and the pericardium

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