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as follows: The Health Department has cut down the death-
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COMMITTEE of Publication— L. S. McMurtry, M. D., Louisville; J. B.Marvin.
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tation the colors that are employed as signals or lights, and also-
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wrist, but in people with irritable skins, and who cannot avoid
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and three-twentieths of a grain of strychnin was administered hypo-
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be wise in our ministrations with the sick, not to forget that we have in
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ernment they would have refused to open its wards and its
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with the asterisk of death. Others have come to fill the places
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duction which influenced my whole after-life, Sir Robert paid tribute to his
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those of simple chronic gastritis, such as indigestion, loss of appetite, vomiting,
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tion were first practised by Rosenberg,* and lately an
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curarized animal, to show that cardiac failure began with
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In the more severe cases of this character, we must resort to the
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the same as before it was put on. With regard to temperature, the
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ments, the right heart contained a few gelatinous clots.
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significant changes in clinical laboratory parameters
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ously thickened and its lumen is obstructed by an over-
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nose and naso-pharynx should be also treated by the
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It is, however, not expedient for physicians to go gen-
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quite on the left side of the thorax, where there is a
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not complete, or the case is complicated by suppurating
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sponse of the fetus, hematologic evidence of infection, and
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nodules usually surrounded by a hypereemic zone, solitary or grouped
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noted in the report of that institution for 1900. The hogs in both lots
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2. Bartells, E. C. and Wall, N. M.: Clinical problem of
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Suffj^eon to Out-Patients. New York Hospital, Assist-
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toms, death occurring within six hours ; no paralysis observed.
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cranial lesion or meningitis. The author believes that
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mice given the high dose of Axid (2,000 mg/kg/day, about 330 times the human
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to avoid its injury. An incision was accordingly made, com-
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sies, they are vastly fewer than is generally supposed, and,

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