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Society, or sent officially to each component society at

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thor of the paper was not present to read it; that he (Dr. Hawley) read it; that he

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borough 18.69. That the Westborough hospital did not dis-

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type. In the 2 cases reported there were present a typical

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festations of a constitutional disorder. It occurs from great

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be scalded in a pint of water and taken freely at short

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men, yet two of the most susceptible subjects I have known were

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line traced during the ventricular systole is called the line of ascent ; the

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Under 5 years of age, 92; between 5 and 20 years, 7; between 20 and 40 years, 26;

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ing the trachea is not going to stop the disease but

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posed drain, into which each of the houses was to drain, at the back of

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cal Corps of the United States Navy for the weeTc ending Sep-

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Paul's Cray. An intemperate man, with good general health,

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less and nervous patient. Stays and sutures were removed on the morn-

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Just as they are leaving, one of the jockey's alleged friends says, as if on

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toms increased during the latter part of the disease, the fever running

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Rubber catheters after drying are to be kept in talcum.

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I St, when the first dressing was removed, the pain was

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perature runs over 40°C. (104°F.) 500 milligrammes (7.7 grains) is

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7. O'Hara MJ. Khurmi NS. Bowles MJ, et ol: Am J Cardiol

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perament is seldom developed. This affection embarrasses respi-

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superstition in treating disease, " The London Pharmacopeia, pub-

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of cure is, we believe, possible, and therefore preferable. His idea,

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elicit crepitus. Sometimes we get crepitus on exam-

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usually in pairs, sometimes in short chains ; at other

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active, or violent delirium, requiring re^traiut, is an extremely u n favor:* Mr

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