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seemed to be adherent. The pins were removed, the parts dusted

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jaw ; then shot up along the course of the inferior dental nerve, and

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The definite course of the separate spots of eruption was masked by the

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Esq.; *W. McEwen, M.D.; G. Mallett, Esq.; W. McCheane, Esq.I

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Newcastle Infirmary is the alkaline (bicarbonate of potash), with opium

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attention to out-palient practice which a hospital such as that in Aber-

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masses, and beneath the attachment of the mitral curtains was a de-

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tremely few ; under any circumstances it contains much fewer than the

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ed times before morning, and getting up feeling worn out. This trouble had

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which had elected that gentleman. This was surely protesting in the strongest

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the nutrition of the cells composing them suffers. Congestion of the

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Treatnient.—AppUcation of mustard under the chest and abdomen,

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Midwifery, etc."; and perhaps there were some who attended it in the spirit urged

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alter a compound fracture with teirible displacement. They are from

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Do You "Wish to Enjoy Health again ? — We ask this of those whom dis-

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The tissues above the margin of the tumour had a healthy appearance.

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in his enforced state of enslaved penury) ; but the enormous number of

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sumption, has probably diminished rather than increased of late ; and

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The parts did not heal. Further vegetations developed and rapidly

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spasms ; in eighteen, it died. Tlie second rabit was lethargic in ten

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eroded on the surface, which presented, with the aid of a lens, a general

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WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL— Resident House-Surgeon: applications, Aug. 6th;

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its liind in the English language. Cloth, size 6x9 1-4.

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head to that of half a pea. Only one or two papules occurred on the

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and the valvular disease simple, or only combined with other valvular

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tumultuously, the pulse becomes very feeble or is even lost, the tempe-

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The diaphragmatic rupture had existed for a long time ; the fibrous

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grer.ter portion was excised. A mass weighing nearly six pounds was

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2. Forearm bent on arm simply, with the hand flat on the shoulder.

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greatly congested, and about twelve inches from the stomach con-

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erect a building on the beach of Berck, to contain 500 beds. This in-

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commenced. On the 17th Februarj' the wound was closed.

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ness caused by lesions on the outer side of the limb, or at times even

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In front of the point where the needle had become inserted the

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of a sanitary nature which it is desirable to make during peace to miti-

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