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and friction. The general system should be toned up the

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an incision into the stomach. The incision is most often made for the

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the membranous ring which surrounds the base of the stapes

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dering a service to those who are seeking to get proper legal provision

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developed in the course of the war. An artificial cornea and anterior chamber

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nective tissue tumors or spasm of the pylorus must be considered. In a

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shoemaker s thread or silk should be used not catgut

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student to obtain. As the House Surgeons and Clinical

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a high temperature and cough especially during the first

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It was held that although it was impossible to tell whether

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employed it freely and with the greatest satisfaction to myself

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instruments the prospect of the stitches holding are as

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sight has always been exactly as at present and the nystagmus

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of the tumor an incisor tooth extracted at the point at

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persons who apply for it and lastly to report to the college

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withm the uterus or if that were not practicable as the

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Neurology in America. He suggested the advisability

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air defense organizations were moving into Sardinia and Corsica. Troop

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may be present and protective measures necessary Variable effects

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requesting the council of the society with as. little delaj

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quently to demonstrate their presence. Though in any

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create a little embarrassment when they are to be considered

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ing only a certain group of muscles causes distortion of the parts to

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fested in the parts supplied by that centre. The latter great nervous

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failed through the estabhshment of a vicious circle.

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can well hold either that these topics are unimportant or

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CXC. Of Swimming. Few animals have more difficulty than man in

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tomy and ligation of the superior thyroid artery. Paroxys

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finger into the anus the end of the probe was easily felt and

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morbid growth extended deeper and wider. Very soon symptoms

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