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we may conclude that the different kinds have shared in it, the mono-

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Mr. Hutchinson then introduced another case of injury to a woman,

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iodide. This difference between the normal solid and the solution is due to

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inflammation, and section frequently reveals a deposit of

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And I am sure of this ; that as the justly successful

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practically to treatment that is psychic. In Mrs. Carlyle's case

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taken sick, their first symptom, what their condition was, and look after

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probably, not been materially disturbed, in one or other direction, since,

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tum ; and the further it goes in this direction the more

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'I'm all right.' She was, however, easily persuaded, and,

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243.) A witness will frequently be required to take into consideration the

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nor of pus, nor of ptomaines, but it was access of certain lowly-organised plants

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suffering for two years with a sense of distension and weight in the lower part

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graph of Bachman,^^ published in 1899. Bachman made an inten-

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lie down. He further stated that his mother had the


40, Richard Clewin Griffith, Esq , eldest sou of Richard C. GiitlUh

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number and form of the insensible excitations. These motor phe-

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sign of disease after the part originally diseased has returned

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several of these foci are present, though sometimes only one may

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of remedies recommended for Dyspepsia or Indigestion, remedies

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ground is full of animals, of which the boar, wolf,

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A. Functions of highest centres. — The patient is incapable of

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prominent than paralysis.^ Segmental areas of anesthesia usually soon develop.

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