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decks, and keep them there for weeks, are measures of intense

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larged to include community publicity on the importance

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cannot rely on obtaining the same results on each ad-

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Bacteria in the Operating Room, J. A. M. A.. 117: 1610-1613,

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the worm in which the excretory system is injected with one color

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ents are also referred to the U. S. Rehabilitation Serv-

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With this issue begins the history of the Charlotte Medical

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sale of Hygcia magazine — 21 renewals and 10 new sub-

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porated hospital or state hospital whether or not ap-

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patient's condition may be far more easily observed in such a

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of its activities from Dec. 1, 1942, to July 1, 1943. It

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care which become practically insurmountable for the

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severe, and there was increasing restlessness. On ex-

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in the Medical Record : Safe rule in all cases to see that stomach

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a histologic differentiation of radiosensitive and radio-

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nor benevolence are current coin of the realm ; that there is an im-

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this interstitial radiation. Following this the patient

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Cumberland ... Joseph E. Green, Carlisle §Creedin S. Fickel, Carlisle

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quack is filled with lawyers, clergymen, and men who know every-

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chanics of operations, the treatment after operation,

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Morristown 4-3260 — on Route 24 — Morristown, N.J.

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If this policy is not followed, it would definitely

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collaboration of my radiologic colleagues at Jefferson,

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Treatment of Impaired Hearing by Radiation of Excessive Lymphoid Tissue in the Nasopharynx

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no one who cannot use this more advanced knowledge.

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You will note from a rereading of the attached printed

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was removed from the region of the cervix. Under the

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who has syphilis was discussed by Professor Fournier in a lecture

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numerous requests from drug manufacturers, retail and

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the first. The best of these is calcium carbonate in 10-

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New Jersey, manufacturers of Fletcher’s Castoria,

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it was apparently caused by swallowed blood. Roentgen

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the present day, are still too much in the habit of looking upon

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ern Pennsylvania in May of this year, also that $3,034.50

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ing into the minute details cf their application, leaving the physician

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Hon. Thomas F. Bayard delivered the commencement address

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is already eminent by reason of his natural endowments may be

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interests more vital would overshadow the desire for

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