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antiestrogenic. Therefore it offers less risk of high-

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3. The technique is difficult requiring not only manipulative

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displacement of the head. If this displacement is marked it

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added to a five per cent, camphor soap, the addition of

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was placed in an incubator at 37\ Beside it was placed another test-tube

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perinephritic fat on the right side. The pancreas itself was

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leucocyte and e])ithelial cell attached. On January 16, 1895,

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same. — ISth. Slightly offensive ; surface dry ; moist

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out to Northern Hills physicians and keep them informed

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1898-9, xli. 290-300.— Oaricl. De la mesrriede la lumiere.

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pacted in the cystic duct at its juncture with the com-

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yellow fever, cholera and plague, were reported to the Sur-

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after some time portions of diseased bone came away. Before I came

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everywhere of a grayish white color, and crepitated perfectly, except near the right lug. &

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prevention. ^My observations have reference only to accidents

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poison. To this end, the inhalation of oxygen is an

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