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unfavorable, and such groups show a high mortality from tuberculosis.
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tion of the Iliiid is to i)revent clottiiiir of the li|oc«l, so that the animal
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mally. There is a rule which will be found useful in studying patients for
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dist\irl)iii!.' iii(liieiice wliicli tlie i)ro1ein and salts in tliese tluids may liavc
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To measure the outtlow from the liepatit- veins, the aorta is lijjated
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nahs Testis ; such a collection of pus healing thus
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pains in the legs and about the body. There is no intention of suggesting
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paper, Johnson has reported two definite cases, and has referred to others,
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or to cardiac weakness. Under the latter circumstances sweats are to be
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the forehead, nose, and cneeks they are very thickly set; on the bridge of the
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;,s is also the colon. The reason foi' the irreat si/e in hei'hivora is that
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is an affection of the vasomotor (and trophic) centres, the anatomical basis
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Rdce, — ^The Anglo-Germanic race has furnished most of the instances.
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l'i.':i|.|.,;ii;iti.',' ..!' 111.. I'nU.. in il,.. \',.in-i, Uii.".
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slowci- than that of oxidation. If in a third pxpprinipiit, hosidos hnvini.'
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the a:-ray plates confirm it, as does also the study of museum specimens. The
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panying irritation. Or it is possible that in some instances the inflammation
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•liis will he indciicndcnt of the amount : in niirli rnxra .iipnrafi uirthixh
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seeds to that of peas. In tertiary syphilis the process may involve the whole
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and when due to a peculiarlv virulent infection there may be multiple areas.
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as Erdheim points out, suggests that the parath3rroid hyperplasia in osteo-
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roseola, an eczema, or an inflammation resembUng erythema nodosum. It
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and less marked, until tinally hy the time the capillaries are reached it
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tain for how niaii,\ men doiti;; i l.rate museiilar w.irk CiOOn (M f |
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signed to any other cause, it is well to reserve the diagnosis until other symp-
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inline, w liiitcx cr this may lie. iirc iissoriiitcil witli cliiiiiitt's in tlic Co
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of the process. The cut surface is compared by many to red porphyry.
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the general character of this man, I find he is given to
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The exact nature of the nervous control of glandular function has,
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most likely the result of angiospasm in definite vascular territories. I
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ii rriit from that of the icst of the iieait, and disposed in such a manner
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in\estiy:ate the i)ro|ierties of its musculature. This is accomplished 1'
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carelessness might make it necessary to add many other diseases to this list.
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insurance upon the ordinary plan during its continuance, and be regarded
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iiit'ly diluted w'th a solution of solulile oxalate. A strikintr iiicrci
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dose of pilocarpine {i^. -j^) may be given hypodermically as an adjuvant.
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such an extent that many nephritics have been entirely deprived of meats,
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priinipN' lli.it are now on the market ( Fiir. 'J(ii. I-'or me.-isnrinu; 1
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without difficulty. In goitre districts a goitre is not in itself a valuable sign,
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the CDiniilniii iildl ulr is that which we can take in over ami ahove ai
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llii' sjiiH in^' 111' till' hf.-iit is iini nliM'i-M'il. Till' cxrit aliil ity nt' the aft'i'ii':
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Till' iircNsinf of a uas is rinMMiiiil l)y loiiiiccliiii; a pi-cssiirc }jaiii.'<' or
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England, besides the traditional seat in Derbyshire, Sussex and Hampshire
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itiiiy (•iJiiiTiiti-aliniis (iT a yi\i'ii sail \a!\ I'm- ilirrciciil i-iir|)iisi-li'-;; llnis,
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!:s ■JX— l'.,lw|.|.y^ii..,^i»,.-,i i,,,|.i.|ii,|{ ].ijc.i!..r, .-.prx av..l r.i:!ia! tr.-.tini:-!. !."!•• 4 'V< tl..- i.i.lial
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hibited as a pattern of health, strength, and beauty.
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rats. I.ai'i.',' Iial,'h,'s ,,f tli,'s,' animals \v,'i',' f'i',1 ,>ii ;, l,;isn! mtion i-onsistiie-
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the males of a tainted family are bad risks; the females suffer comparatively
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ti'iiiist'iiM' Mi'i'il williiiiil inakiiii; ji \cs> \ <'ss('l iiii.-islciiiiosis. (i!) .Mix
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the question of infection of the urethra with the gonococcus. Nevertheless,

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