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shoots through the heart at every little draught which is

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rium. The urine is scanty and contains albumen. Within

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in rear of the tents and the horses fed watered and

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Germany were fairly represented in most of the earlier volumes.

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from the west and south but under the watchful care of our

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ment of Bartholin s glands the urethra or Skene s tubules and

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ances of tuberculous infiltration and ulceration of

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affairs once inaugurated will in all probability continue as it is

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Causes The huva which infests chiefly the back that pai t of the

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to bacteria life except in so far as it is successfully done by

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are no longer capable of functional activity but it is often

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IxjPRY OF A Nerve Epilepsy. In an account of the reserve

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ered about six times stronger than the leaves. It is directed to be

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gists and proceeded forthwith to invent a trap door and

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The spleen shows no important changes. In one of Palmer Howard s

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the same of lot or field whether same is contiguous to a city

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sterile and recorded cases of this class could now be num

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for at the same time epithelium is spreading over the nar

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bowel with tenesmus. Acts of vomiting and defecation repeated several

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This first recorded building of the Toronto General Hospital

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discusses this question and passes in review the relative merits of

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cattle particularly sheep the nuts being cut up and

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ing of thin Lamina or mining Scales and is brought to us from

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water upon metabolism and absorption and Dr. Walsh details some

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sesses even after the administration of the promoting substance

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serum extracted by aseptic bleeding of the renal vein of a goat.

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as mute wounds on account of the scarcity of symptoms and

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the head tongue dry and dark breath foetid bowels costive

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election in the fifteenth and sixteenth lines and the following

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Hospital during the year. The number of these cases is.

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saline soluble fraction of cell nuclei. Using calf thymus as a

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primary malignancy was the contralateral breast fol

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then must all good doing cease and darkness and moral death

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upon them. Some of the chronic complaints resulting from

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