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nails were removed under local anesthesia. The wounds healed

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man, it is as important that we should know the causes of disease and the modes of

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In consideration of these facts, and for the benefit of those suffering from the

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Janticide. By John A. Liddell^ M,D,, of New York. * New York

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ankles, with considerable rigidity. The knees are both swollen

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Sympathetic irido-cyclitis corresponds to Mr. Lawson's

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gust, 1867, a discussion in which the speakers generally

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m the cervical canal, and the cervix scarcely admits the examining

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magnitude of the public interests which now suffer from the unsettled state of

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in cases of worms. But, as I have shown, this medicine is highly dangerous to the

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tho health of individuals, the virtue of the people, the happiness of the race, or

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to the chiasma. It has indeed been more than once seen by

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suddenness paralysis of the face, arm, and leg on one side.

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with the diet j but certainly in Mr. Durham's cases there is

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minister, lawyer, judge, or orator, and get an animated speech from him, give him

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