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may be retained which have generally been removed, and because I
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The following lesions were well marked in my series
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the child can be fed on the latter part of the milk from
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result later in cures (26.6 per cent.), 2 cases showing some
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santonin in the presence of an appropriate solvent,
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tion, sent Lieutenant Colonel F. J. Pierce, Medical
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resulting from loss of sleep, from the incessant excitement of an
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mentions instances in which the minie ball caused as clean a wound
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as a drench. Plenty of water should be given to drink
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First, the excision of an oval piece of skin extending
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occur in serving stallions from injury or debility. In
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nation of both. The more experience one has in dealing
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leprosy treated with nastin and benzoyl chloride gave no
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quantity, occasionally unwholesome in quality, seldom sufficiently
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more deluded than their patients, firmer believers than those whom
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harassing duties of the Crimean trenches, from which these patients
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I am not prepared to give a decisive opinion on such interesting and
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glycerine and the wound closed in layers. A slight serous
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should use a menstruum capable of extracting the whole, such as
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1905 Ashe, James S., L.K.C.P. & S.I., Lecturer on Materia Medica, Ph. Soc,
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In the preparation of tliis extract, Mr. Laster uses the following
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said, astonishing what amount of room was provided by the
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greater than she ever before felt. In spite of the strong emotion
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has appeared in this Journal republished, and this gratification
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are either demonstrably false or imscientifically unjusti-
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onset, usual disappearance within forty-eight hours
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outbreaks. Whereas, in one artillery unit, in which
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became very rapid and weak. Sub-mammary injections of
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definite disease of the heart. The affection is not
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culosis of any form. Only two or three sanatoriums have
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and on account of Eastern conservatism it is likely
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over it ; individuals glimpse it from different angles.
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the head and neck of the corresponding rib ; the abscess was
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tion negative ; the blood culture was also negative ;
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pustules began to shrivel, and on die eleventh day die desit*'
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that the disease is caused by a microscopic germ, and
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