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But I crave your indulgence for a moment on another matter.

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Summer Session. Practical Midwifery Vaccination Clinical

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tion of the mucous membrane pain and increased frequency in micturition

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Introduction Ilural Occupations Natural History Advantages to be derived

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Winearls et al cite three beneficial results of erythropoi

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lis Curative Power is largely attributable to its stimulant tonic and nutritive

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We believe that the above is about as strongly as tracheotomy in

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H. Bastard a well known promoter of the physical and

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the water only becomes polluted after leaving the settling basin.

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Static Electricity as a Therapeutic Agent. A Paper read be

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with paraesthesia occasionally with hyperaesthesia and pain disorder of

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and there does not seem to be much of an inclination

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because it could not fail to color all the deliberations of

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